What is Rentoll?

Ans. Rentoll is an online rental company which offers you lifestyle essentials like furniture, appliances and dresses to take on rent at affordable prices.

Why Rent?

Ans. Well, because we understand that buying unnecessary furniture and appliances aren’t the best investment options and can cost you more so why buy when you can rent on monthly basis and return when done.

Would it be coming to my city?

Ans. Yes, Rentoll is currently operating in Jabalpur but will be soon coming in Bhopal, Jabalpur, Gwalior, Jaipur, Nagpur, Pune and others yet to be decided.

How House owner get benefit from Rentoll?

Ans. Furnished apartments get more benefit or rent as compared to unfurnished so house owner can fully furnish their apartments without spending too much by choosing from our various economical packages.

Is there any minimum tenure of renting furniture, appliances and dresses?

Ans. Yes, the minimum tenure for renting furniture and appliances is 3 months which can be further extended by contacting our customer care team whereas the minimum tenure for renting dresses is only 24 Hours.

Why Security Deposit?

Ans. We charge a minimal security deposit just for the safety of our products. Don’t Worry, it’s fully refundable if the product is returned in a good condition.

Is there any charge for delivery and installation of the Product?

Ans. Yes, we charge a very nominal delivery and installation fee which is only one time payable.

What if I damage the Product?

Ans. We charge a very nominal price for the repair of product which shall be deducted from the Security Deposit.

Is there any relocation cost to move your Product?

Ans. Yes, there is a relocation cost to move product from one place to another.

What happens when my rental tenure expires?

Ans. We will call you one week prior to the completion of rental tenure to fix the pick-up time and date. If you choose to keep Product for longer than agreed tenure or return it before agreed tenure due to some reasons you can contact us one week in advance.

When do I get deposit back?

Ans. After pick-up of the Product and a successful quality check, refund will be initiated within 5 working days to your registered bank account.

Are there any cancellation charge?

Ans. Yes, post verification if the order is cancelled then Rs.300 will be charged.